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Service Sequence Of The Restaurant

Order taking is a skillful art that reflects the efficiency of both the waiter and the establishment. The order taker (waiter) should be skillful to handle array of customers efficiently. He should have a very good memory. He should have good oral communication skills. Knowledge about food and beverage, their garnishes and accompaniments, matching wines and spirits, cooking time and serving time, description of dishes in a lucid manner are other important qualities of order taker.

• Greeting & Receiving The Guest:

1. The welcoming of the guests represents the most important step to his final satisfaction and reflects the level and quality of the service of an establishment

2. Guest should be greeted and welcome with recognition, And should be helped with their coats and bags.

3. Guests must be welcomed from the entrance of the restaurant; they should not wait by themselves for more than 10 seconds at the entrance.

4. Guest are greeted warmly.

5. The first impression received by the guest is most important. It is not necessary to execute the whole welcoming procedure with each guests (it is not always possible in case of affluence), however, it is indispensable to show him that he has been taken into consideration, if it is only by eye contact.

6. Ask guest name to acknowledge them.

7. Use guest name at least twice during conversation.

8. Offer choice of seating. If there is an overbooking problem (more tables have been reserved than the restaurant can welcome), guests should not be left at the entrance but invited to sit down at the bar and take care of the problem away from their presence.

9. Table setting are adjusted to the number of guest.

10. The hostess or the head waiter will accompany the guests to his table and pull out the chair for him / her to sit.

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• Menu Presentation Service Standards:

1. All Beverage menu should be clean and in good condition.

2. Menus should be at least 2/3 languages.

3. Menus must be presented to guest opened, Present menu in the guest table and open the first page.

4. Must have non alcoholic option in case hotel have license to serve Liquor at Restaurant .

5. Always point any recommendation or house favourites.

6. Inform the guest that you will take their order when ready.

7. Maintain eye contact and approach at the appropriate time.

• Order Taking Service Standards:

1. Staff should have a warm smile and polite attitude, Approach guest table within 10 seconds whenever they need to order.

2. The waiter will approach the guest from the left, place the menus, ensuring they are clean, in front of him and enquire: “May I have your order please, sir / madam?”.

3. Always prepare a note pad and a pen.

4. The Head Waiter should write in the corner of the order sheet; the tabe number and the number of persons being served. He also notes the time at which the order has been taken.

5. Be attentive at the guest table.

6. He takes the order for the appetizer; he indicates the number of guests for each appetizer opted.

7. Offer recommendation.

8. He takes the order for the main dish. He writes the special notes at the right (example: choice of spice and hotness). He repeats the same for all the guests.

9. Always repeat the guest order.

10. Inform guest the expected service time.

11. Waiter should wait patiently, facing the guests, until (after any necessary advice has been asked for and given) the order is completed as fast as and including the main course.

12. If the waiter is busy and cannot attend to a customer at once, he should inform him that he will attend to him shortly or “in a moment”.

13. Estimate the serving time.

14. When the menus are long and varied, it is advisable to allow customers a few minutes before asking the order.

15. When it is apparent that there is a host, take his instructions first, otherwise receive orders as soon as the guests are ready.

16. When two tables are occupied at approximately the same time, the waiter must take the order of the first party first. Customers are apt to note with annoyance any failure to a “first come, first served” sequence.

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• Point Of Sale Key in Procedure:

1. Double check all the key in order before send.

2. Waiter must be aware not only of the speciality of the day but also reasonable dishes to recommend. He should know the following things as far as possible: ·

3. He indicates on the voucher the table number and the number of persons.

4. Knowing which dishes are ready for quick service to guests in a hurry.

5. Items suitable for children · Salad, vegetable and potato suggestions for grills, roasts and main courses for a la carte guests.

6. He writes down the time at which the order has been taken.

7. Barman should serve the drinks with the specific POS ticket.

8. Key in order into the POS system accordingly.

9. He takes the order for the first appetizer. He indicates the number of the guest corresponding to that order.

10. If any wrong order key in, look for assistant manager or above to void it immediately.

11. When barman gives the drinks to the waiter it should be with the POS ticket /BOT.

12. Waiter reviews the order and put on tray.

13. If the order of the second appetizer is identical, the head waiter will only indicate the chair number corresponding to the second guest.

14. Quality check by every staff.

15. If a guest does not take an appetizer, the head waiter will write on the voucher “no appetizer” and the chair number corresponding to the guest, so that there is no confusion in the kitchen.

16. Acknowledge the guest 2 steps before approaching the table.

17. Offer to pour beverage.

18. When the order of appetizers is finished, the head waiter writes the total number of dishes ordered

19. He asks the guest how he would like his meat cooked. He indicates this information on the right side of the voucher

20. The head waiter takes the order of the main dish. The first guest does not take a main dish, the head waiter writes it down on the voucher

21. Leave the table by saying: “ Is there anything I can assist you at the moment?”

• Handling Bills & Final Settlement:

1. Ensure the bill is accurate, Always Double check the bill before presenting it to the guest.

2. The bill is presented in a company bill folder and pen, Retire from the table and stay within the vicinity.

3. Recover the check and means of payment.

4. Thank the guest and process quickly.

5. Payment should be done in 4-5 minutes.

6. Guest Departure and Fond Farewell:

7. Thank the guest by name and bid farewell to all members of the party.

8. Help customers leave their table.

9. When assisting the guest, ensure ladies first.

10. Always says: “Hope to see you again.”

11. Table should be reset immediately.

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