Importance Of Pest Control In Hotel

Pest removal is most important thing for the comfortable stay of guest in hotel. How to perform Termite Control & Inspection, Bedbug Control, Rat Exterminator.

Pest has been a nuisance to mankind from time immemorial. With the advancement of the science, there is now better understanding of the various sanitary practices, chemical treatment and better facilities are available to enable effective Pest Control vigilant food service worker can play Important role in protecting food from contamination and wastage and in maintaining the reputation of the catering establishments proper understanding of why pest control measures are needed is essential.


Contamination of food leading to food poisoning and other serious deceases in humans, is a major hazard of a pest of infestation. This is so because pests move from dirt to food and transfer harmful microorganisms to it.

It is the management policy that pest control is carried out on a regular basis and that the Housekeeping Department has an overall responsibility to co-ordinate between the contractors and all departments.

According to the prevention of Food Adulteration Act (1954), If any food article consist either wholly or in part of any filthy, putrid, rotten, decomposed or deceased animal or vegetable substance or is insect infected or is otherwise unfit for human consumption it is deemed to be adulterated food is punishable by law.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Hotel premises are refrained from all pests, to ensure problem areas can be identified and effective measures can be taken promptly and to ensure that the minimum disturbance is caused to the operation of the Hotel and our guest.

The reputation of any Hotel Establishment depends largely on the prevailing hygienic conditions. Files hovering over uncovered food and insect body parts and droppings found in food can be very repulsive to the consumer, thus damaging the establishment’s reputation. Hence proper sanitary practices pest control measures would go a long way in building up goodwill among customers and in turn will improve financial goals.

Rodents destroy Ten percentage of the world’s harvested cereals and insects which if saved could feed 260 million people. Rodents are known to destroy Pipes, insulations and cables. Terminal and textile pest’s causes gave damage to the woodwork and upholstery, Beetels, weevils and warehouse moths destroy commodities, making them unfit for consumption. Rodents contaminates much more food with their hair and dropping than they actually eat.

Housekeeping Manager will advise other department of the schedule and the type of treatment used for pest control, so the necessary safety measure can be taken by the concerned department Eg. Covering of food, cancelling of table settings etc. Housekeeping floor supervisor or the Housekeeping manager should co-ordinate with the pest control contractor for monthly schedule and urgent implementation arrangement of pest control.

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