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Healthy Nutritional Balanced Diet

Today’s fast moving life becomes running race. Everyone is busy in his work. The people who are running behind the work often neglects their diet. They prefer dinner after completing their work. Diet and Health are closely related to each other. But still we break the rules oftenly. So always remember health is wealth. Today we will discuss about how you can make your diet healthy.


Vegetables are important part of healthy eating. They are good source of many nutrients including potassium, fibre follett and vitamin A,E&C. Fibres in vegetables help to reduce the blood cholesterol and lower risk of heart disease. Nutrients in vegetables are vital for health and maintenance of the body. Eating vegetable RAW is indeed sometime the healthier option. Even if vegetables are healthy but still they required more time to digest because it contains fibre content more. So as early as possible in the night. If you eat dinner late, it may problematic and because of that you can’t goes to sleep and until it digest.

Non Veg:

You know non vegetarian diet provides essential energy to the body. Non veg night is a good source of protein and healthy fat which is responsible for the growth and maintenance of the body. Non veg diet is a rich source of all the essential amino acids, minerals, vitamin our body requires. Due to high quality of protein it not only promotes the truth but also help in reproduction. They contain lots of iron which helps you to maintain hemoglobin and body stamina. Women lost the iron level through menstruation/ periods forgetting in of iron to the date is important. Me tight contains vitamin B12 which cannot cotton from commonly consumed plants. Avoid eating non veg diet late night as it requires more time for digestion. Drink enough water when you consume it.


Fruits plays an important role in healthy balanced diet. Fruits are the richest source of vitamin, ascorbic acid citric acid and minerals too. Nutrients includes a vital for the health of your body. Summer fruits contain potassium and Folic acid which reduces the risk of heart disease and kidney stone too. Folic acid help to form red blood cell in your body. Fruits also improve your digestive system and they are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Foods are the instant source of energy and they are very useful who want to lose the weight. Fruits keeps you disease free that’s why it’s a proverb “An apple a day keeps Doctor away.”include fruits in your diet as per season and see the results. Drink fruit juices which are very tasty and Healthy.

Include Grain, Dairy products and Healthy oils in your diet. It will surely make your diet healthy and keep you fit and fine. Keep visiting my site. I will be here with more interesting stuff to make your diet healthy. Stay connected don’t forget to share with all.

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