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Learn To Keep Depression Away

Feeling no excitement and depressed. Often you get answers like this, You will feel better in some days. Suddenly someone becomes irritating at your home or becomes silent. At time we think that time is best solution on this. Don’t neglect it and don’t dependent on time. We don’t understand that such person standing on the threshold of mental stress. Often this type of stress turns into decease. When problem of depression becomes critical then it will not only impact on your mind but also on Health of the body. You need proper depression treatment on this and need to findout the root reason of it otherwise it is dangerous for your life. Don’t dependent on upward steps.

Such depressed people may have some problems in society. They feel very hard to complete their daily work. In short they lose their confidence and inspiration that’s why they have feelings like a looser. Finally such persons become depressed. If you don’t get proper medication and treatment then it will maize you in depression.

As per the survey of National institute of mental health & neuroscience, they surveyed 12 states people suffering from disappointment and depression. They found that among 20 people one person is suffering from depression. Search depressed patient may have a very big risk of heart decease or diabetes in future. It is found that in metro cities, women in the age of 40 to 49 there is a more evidence of depression. And in senior citizen it is found 3.5%. depression may have various stages. So in such cases the treat patient with medicine, psychological treatment, counselling. The patient is suffering from very serious depression then it may take more time to cure from that.

Sometime we can’t understand the reason behind the depression and in some cases patient may feel happy fast for some time and it become depressed again. You need a proper medical diagnosis to identify this disease. Emotional distress, sudden changes in mood, loss of interest and pleasure in activities, sadness, excess sleepiness, early awakening, restless sleep, loss of appetite, slowness in activities, lack of concentration, thoughts of suicide, weight loss, headache these are the symptoms found in depression patient.

To beat depression you need some changes in your lifestyle:


You need to take some time off from your day today activities for exercise. After exercise your mind will be most stable and concentrate.


Your parents, your friends and Society members can help you in this. You need to get along with them.When you meet each other, your mind will be refreshed and diverted from your problems.

Make yourself free from addiction:

In the case of depression, people become addicted to liquor or smoking. Nicotine becomes a need of your body. So first you need to free yourself from all this addictions.

Ask some question to yourself:

What’s the aim of your life? Is your excitement becoming low day by day? Don’t you have interest in your daily work? Motivate yourself my reading some books, watching movies etc. You need to try more for easy works? Are you’re ignoring your work because of low concentration? Are you thinking about one thing again and again? Think about your strengths.

Here you need proper diagnosis of your disease and treatment from psychologist. This kind of treatments take some time and its depend upon the condition of the patient.

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