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Attitude & Behaviour While Working In Kitchen

A Chef requires several attitude to do his job well. A positive attitude towards the job is expected from the kitchen personnel as the job requires a lot of hard work and patience. To become a successful chef, zeal to learn, creative nature and strong sense of responsibility is desired. This fundamental attitudes listed below:

Positive Attitude Towards Job:

Manual jobs are part of normal work for all hotel staff.As service is important in the industry so everyone must involve himself in achieving the goal. Student or learner chef should realise that Hotel cannot run without services that the provides to the guest.

Capacity To Take Order From Seniors:

Student or learner chef should be made to feel that he has a lot to learn from his knowledge, attitude and skills because they have more authority and maturity to him.

Cheerful Attitude Towards Work And People:

A cheerful attitude towards work and people is an asset an advantage too. Because it helps him to do maximum.

Cordial Telation & Cooperation:

A chef should make cordial relation with its colleagues. Cordial relation and cooperative nature is of great help during time of trouble.

Staying Power:

White in the kitchen required physical and mental stamina, good health and willing to work hard. The pressure is always increasing and working hours will be long. You may think it is boring me when you are making food for fours in class room but when you get to the industry and on your first day you might ask to cut 50 Kg of onion you will realise the need of staying power as cutting is the base to become a chef.

Pride in Work:

A Chef should realise that he is doing not an ordinary kind of work. You should feel proud that working is an art which has developed from time and is still being developed.

Tact & Initiative:

A Chef should take initiative part in every work so that staff will be inspired by his work. Should encourage the stuff and punish if it is necessary.

As a Representative Of The Organisation:

Chef is important part of Hotel and Restaurant. As a representatives of the organisation. He must eneavor to maintain a standard of food production.


The guest is god, his satisfaction is a must but not at the cost of someone’s life/health. A given work must be finished on time for which a work plan or schedule can be made, mise-en-place can be done in advance to avoid the running situations in the kitchen which can cause an accident either by falling or by pushing someone or by harming oneself by the sharp tools.


“Honesty is the best policy” is a universal truth. So the Chef must be honest in his profession. Stealing raw material and cutlery, eating food etc are forms of dishonesty.

Courtesy To The Below Staff & Subordinates:

Courtesy is a sign of nature and it is a great importance in Hotel industry. To be courteous with its colleagues and other people working in the same unit is necessary. It not only smoothens the operation but also ensure better ties.

Efficiency & Dexterity:

A Chef should be quiet efficient and skillful in doing his job, otherwise it causes losses as to the organisation.

Eagerness To Learn:

There is so much to learn in this field that you will take several lifetime but as a Chef you must be willing to learn and keep working, experimenting and studying.

Good Understanding Of The Basics:

Experimenting and innovation is the order of the day but in order to be successful in that you have to first proper understanding of the basic. In order to innovate you must first know where to start.

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