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Never Skip Your Breakfast

Breakfast means to break fasting from last night. After having dinner, we go to sleep up to 8 hours. So this time is considered as a fasting. When we get up next morning, our body needs energy. So we eat something to break the fasting from last night. That’s why the name arrived as “Breakfast”. Morning breakfast plays important role in our day to day life to make us active & to provide us essential energy we need. To start a day without breakfast is like to drive a vehicle without Petrol.

For some people breakfast means a light meal and for others it is like a Major Meal. Some people don’t have enough time for breakfast. So they eat anything which is available on their office route. Variety of food items are included in morning breakfast. We must give at least 15 minutes for the breakfast. From one survey, today’s modern girls have trend towards loosing weight. That’s why they usually skip breakfast and they think that it will lose their weight but it’s a very big misconception.

It may affect your body if you regularly skip breakfast. It can also causes disadvantages to the body like hair loss, decreases your memory, weakness and it may turn your face yellowish. Weight and breakfast are related to each other. If you skip your breakfast then you feel more hungry in the afternoon. In such case you eat some junk food like Burger, pizza etc then your weight will be increasing. In between two major meals that is lunch and dinner if you stay starve more time it can spoil your digestive system. So it may cause weight gain.

Morning breakfast will increase your concentration and memory. Breakfast is most important thing for students. From one survey it is saying that students who never skip breakfast will get good marks in the exam because they get essential energy from the breakfast. Morning breakfast is light meal which gives essential energy to you & help to make you healthy. Breakfast also reduces the tightness of the body. Every morning sugar level in the blood reduces naturally. Breakfast helps to maintain the sugar level in the blood. Breakfast also promotes digestion and helps to control the weight gain. Early morning breakfast increase your memory, excitement and regularise your insulin level in the blood.

When you eat fruits and milk in breakfast it will fulfill your nutrient needs of the day. Your behaviour become irritating if you skip the breakfast usually. It can also cause high Blood pressure, Diabetes etc. Here we learnt importance of the breakfast after reading this article what is your opinion about the breakfast. What do you like to eat in breakfast. Don’t forget to share with me in comment section. Never forget to share such important post with your near & dear ones.

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