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Etiquette Manners & Standing Orders For Front Desk Staff

  • Do not lean on the counter. It is normal tendency and easily developed into a habit. When you have impulse, step back from the desk or if possible go into the back office for some time.
  • Do not gossip on telephone.
  • Walk briskly. Do not run. Be Practical. Always use staff entrance.
  • Do not smoke, whistle, sing, play or laugh, talk loudly, read a book or newspaper around the lobby or corridor etc.
  • No dates while on duty. Do not invite your friends and guests to visit you while you are working.
  • Accept an irate guest as a challenge. If you can please nine people out of ten and strive to please the tenth one, then you have become an artist in human relations.
  • Avoid using “Yeah” or “Ye” or “Nope” and other slang terms and phrases.
  • Be careful with expressions.. Eg. “One moment please”, “I beg your pardon” are pleasantly received. Avoid using “What can I do for you” Avoid using phrases like “I think you will get a taxi around the corner.” Instead be positive by saying “Taxi stand is around the corner sir/mam.”
  • The receptionist meet many celebrities at close quarters. They should not show curiosity about them. Do not stare at them, Do not try to listen their conversation or laugh on their jokes. Photographs and autographs should be avoided.
  • Do not enter the guest’s room without permission.
  • Keep all records properly as the guest service depends greatly on them.
  • Do not reveal information of any guest to a visitor including the room number without permission of the guest.
  • Report in duty to your development in full uniform. Do not leave until your shift finishes.
  • Do not shout or speak loudly, use cheerful and pleasant look.
  • Do not turn your back to the guest.
  • Follow the rule “Service without Servility”
  • If you are wrong, do not make excuses but admit your mistake, rectify it and do not repeat.
  • Attend the visitors promptly. “A service delayed is service denied”.
  • Be oblivious to guest’s mistakes. Do not say “You are wrong” or “You misunderstood me” but rather than I am sorry, I didn’t make it clear.
  • Do not criticize competing hotels. This never helps anyone including yourself.
  • Always speak positive, every negative reply can be rephrased.
  • Refers to males as Gentleman & females as Ladies, address them as Sir or Mam.
  • Information regarding guest & his/her movements should not be given to any outsider or other guests. Any caller should not be shown to the guest room without the permission of the guest. No visitor should be allowed to enter the room of guest in his/her absence unless instructed by the guest. On no condition, should the visitor be allowed into the room at night.
  • Follow the rules of the Hotel strictly regarding the Pets.
  • Any policy regarding the Bill settlements such as “No personal cheques will be accepted.” or “Advance payment from scanty baggage guest.” should be communicated very tactfully & diplomatically to the guest.
  • Put the guest to receptive mood first before trying to sell rooms to the guest and offer higher priced accommodation first.
  • Security checks are important for the safety of the Hotel. cooperate for the time offered for the same.
  • Front desk receptionist must develop good eye contact and listening skills.Even if they are busy in work. They should show that they really care of the visitor.
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