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Telephone Etiquettes & Standard Phrases For Hotel Staff

  • Phone should be answered within three rings.
  • identify the name of Hotel and wish time of the day.
  • Smile even though you are on the telephone.
  • In case of no further immediate response from the calling party say,”How may I help you?”
  • Sit or stand up straight.
  • In case you are busy attaining another call always say, “Kindly hold on” and promptly attend to them together by saying “Sorry to keep you on Hold, How may I Help you?”
  • Use a low voice pitch.
  • You should carefully listen the guest requirements and act instantly. Also note it down in Hot Log Sheet for your reference.
  • Match your speaking rate to the caller’s.
  • When connecting the all to the room or to the other department, give two short rings & wait for the response. In case no reply, repeat the procedure again.
  • Avoid extremes in volume.
  • In case of VIP, Ask the calling party name and inform the VIP guest about the same before connecting the call. In case no response from the guest or he/she is out of the Hotel, then ask the calling party if they would like to leave a message.
  • Wish according to the time of the day (Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening), (Your Hotel Name) , How may I help you or How May I Assist You?
  • In case guest request to connect a call, note it down carefully and confirm with the guest. Connect the number immediately. Follow the call & inform the guest that the desired number is online.
  • Wish according to the time of the day (Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening) Mr. _________ (Guest last name), This is ________(Your first name), How may I help you.
  • Don’t say Ok Sir/Madam, Always Say Yes Sir/Madam.
  • Do not allow yourself to be distracted by other activities while speaking on the telephone.
  • Always speak into the telephone receiver with an even and low tone of voice.
  • Build the habit of always turning off your cell phone ringer when entering a meeting, restaurant, theater, training class, or other place.
  • Think through exactly what you plan to say and discuss BEFORE you place a call.
  • Answer the telephone by saying, “RECEPTION (inf. or reservation) GOOD MORNING (good afternoon or good evening), MAY I HELP YOU? Do not answer “Hello”
  • Speak clearly. Pronounce the words carefully. The caller may find it more difficult to understand you on the telephone than if you speak to him at the counter.
  • Be accurate in what you say. The guest wants to have confidence in you. Do not ‘THINK’ or ‘SUPPOSE’ if you do not know the answer; find out and call back.
  • Be courteous in explaining the hotel rules. Do not use the phrase “You have to”, “I suggest” or “would you mind” is preferable. Never argue with the guest, the guest is always right. If you can not deal with a certain problem, inform the seniors in the department, so that they can deal with it.
  • Be patient and helpful. If a caller is irate or upset, listen to what they have to say and then refer them to the appropriate resource. Never snap back or act rude to the caller.
  • Don’t say just a minute, hold on, hang on, hold the line. Always say Let me check it for you sir/mam.
  • Don’t say you misunderstood me. Say I was not clear sir/mam.
  • Don’t ask like Who is speaking? Always say May I know your goodname sir/mam? Or May I know who am I speaking to?
  • Don’t say I have no idea. Always say I will be glad to find out and let you know and get back.
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