Duties & Responsibilities Of Public Area Supervisor

  • Check all public areas against area check-lists and see that they meet the standards of cleanliness stipulated.
  • Supervise the day to day cleaning of hotel public areas.
  • Remove furniture, curtains and other fixtures, which require repairs, mending, spotting, washing, etc.
  • Perform routine inspections of all public areas, service areas, and storerooms.
  • Maintain a regular and complete advance scheduled programme for cleaning public areas after receiving the final concurrence of the Executive Housekeeper.
  • Schedule and supervise deep cleaning and any other projects.
  • Prepare schedule for the chandelier cleaning crew.
  • Supervise and coordinate pest control, flowers, plants and periodical deep cleaning operations on all area of responsibility.
  • Prepare Schedule for the carpet shampoo crew.
  • Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment.
  • Inspect staff turnout. Train new recruits.
  • Anticipate guest’s needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests, however busy and according to time of day.
  • Submit performance appraisals of staff working under his / her control.
  • Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation and organization of assigned work areas.
  • Clean safety and security systems in public areas, e.g. locks, shutters, etc.
  • Assign duties and coordinate breaks for assigned staff.
  • Account for furniture movements, if any.
  • Ensure that assigned staff have reported to work, and also document any late or absent employees.
  • Initiate and follow-up maintenance orders for public areas/ service areas under his / her control.
  • Prepare and distribute assignment work sheets to assigned staff and review priorities.
  • Check and control equipment like hovers, floor washing machines, floor polishing machine, carpet shampoo and beating machines and ensure that they are used correctly and maintained properly.
  • Assist where necessary to ensure optimum service to guests.
  • Efficiently manage stock control and the maintenance of all equipment.
  • Clean public areas in emergency situations.
  • Report all maintenance defects and follow up with Engineering.
  • Issue supplies/goods to staff at beginning of shift in order to control inventory.
  • Report all lost and found articles immediately to the desk coordinator.
  • Complete work orders forms for equipment maintenance or repairs and submit to Housekeeping desk control.
  • Complete all paperwork and closing duties before leaving.
  • Responsible to Check staff grooming and hygiene.
  • Informs Management about any damage, theft or loss to hotel property.
  • Review status of assignments and hand over any follow-up action with on-coming supervisor.
  • Manage and train Public Area Attendants and other team members to ensure their performance meets the standards required.
  • Answer inquires to maintain controls and ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the housekeeper.
  • Provide feedback on staff performance and Report disciplinary problems to Executive Housekeeper.
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