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Etiquette & Manners For Hotel Staff

While working as a hotel staff, you must have to follow etiquette & manners to maintain standard of the hotel. You must behave professional because you are representing the hotel.

A) While Taking To Guests:

• Always smile.
• Always maintain an impression & helpful expression on your face.
• Maintain eye contact even if you are busy with Computer. Look once in a while to maintain eye contact.
• Maintain a distance of atleast two feets.
• Speak softly & clearly without an artificial accent.
• Avoid unnecessary moments of hands & gestures.

B) While Standing:

• Stand erect at care but not in a casual manner.
• Weight should be balanced on both feet. Shoulders straight. Chest out and stomach in.
• Keep your hands on the sides & behind your back.
• Don’t keep your hands in your pocket or on your lips..
• Don’t fold your hands across the chest.
• Don’t make hand gestures. Don’t lean against the counter.
• Don’t forget you are viewed by the guest. Even if you are not directly interacting with them. Maintain your pose all the time.

C) While Walking:

• Walk at even pause at guest areas without any sound of footsteps.
• Don’t run in guest areas.
• While in corridor if guests are approaching, get aside and give them first right of the way.
• If near a door, Open the door for guest to pass through.
• Walk on left side.
• Walk on guest’s right handside. Open the restaurant door.
• Walk erect and maintain your position.

D) While Talking To Colleagues:

• Speak softly & politely especially within guests hearing range in restaurants, lobby, corridor etc.
• Don’t use slang language or abusive words with your colleagues.
• Aware of your conversation on tele-guest.
• Never shout in the telephone.
• Don’t have a long conversation on phone when the guest are waiting.
• Don’t attain personal calls on the phone

E) Courteous Behaviour:

• Anticipate guest needs & fulfill them without being asked.
• Open the door and let the guest pass ahead.
• Hand him a pen as he reaches for his own.
• Light his cigarette.
• Reach out for heavy bag he is carrying.
• Don’t get familiar with the guest even when he treats you like a friend.
• Always maintain professional relationship with the guest.
• Treat guest courteously & then turn to a challenge & talking to him impolitely destroyes the Image. Maintain the same finesse.
• Treat non-resident guest with respect just like a resident guest.
• Don’t forget the power of word of mouth popularity.

F) General Etiquettes & Manners:

• Be aware of the offensive habits you have like Bitteing nails, Picking hair, nose, ears, Yawning, Sneezing/Coughing without covering your mouth.

• Handle equipment without banging or making noise.

• Do not get nervous or hurried during business hours, stay calm.

• Do not hang around in guest areas when not on duty.

• Do not talk loudly or hold discussions in guest areas.

• Do not come to guest area in cloths other than your uniform.

• Do not talk in vernacularly within ears shout of the guest, he may think that you are talking about him.

• Do not gumble to the guest, he is not interested in your wear & will think poorly of you.

• Do not speak porely to the guest about another guest, staff member or department.

• Do not ask for tips, heirts, solitate.

• While speaking to guest always maintain eye contact.

G) Use Of Greetings:

• Always wish the time of the day.

• Say Good Night sir/mam. Never say have a pleasant night.

• I hope you enjoyed the stay with us.

• We took forward to your next visit.

• Use Mr./Ms./Mrs only if you know the name of the guest.

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