Duties & Responsibilities Of Assistant Housekeeper

• Take charge of personal assigned as Senior Section Housekeeper and organize them into teams for various assigned.

• To be responsible for the efficient and orderly management of Cleaning, Servicing and Repairing of the guest rooms.

• Inspection of the work done by the contractors like Pest Control.

• Prepare for and oversee the interviewing, screening, hiring, orienting and training of all assigned personnel to accomplish assigned tasks.

• To be responsible for the hotel linen and check its movements and its distribution to room attendants.

• Prepare staff schedule and duty roasters.

• Ensure the proper and systematic reporting of work completed, when appropriate.

• To keep an inventory of all housekeeping supplies and check it on regular basis.

• Ensure periodical stock taking and maintenance of stock records for linen, uniforms and equipment.

• Ensure the orderly flow of information to and from assigned personnel.

• To provide list of ready rooms fpr the allotment to the guest.

• Develop and executive an inspection that will ensure the maintain ace of guestroom areas, room cleanliness, sanitation and standards.

• To arrange training for staff.

• Oversee the day to day scheduling of assigned personal, ensuring the right number of people required, on any given day.

• To handle the tasks of Executive Housekeeper in his absence.

• Control the expenditure consistent with the targeted assigned rooms per attendant per day.

• To update all the files & registers.

• Assists in budget preparation with regard to funds required for maintenance within the department.

• To check VIP & Out of order rooms.

• Evaluate and appraise employee performance.

• Preparing written personnel planes related to specific responsibilities.

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