Duties & Responsibilities Of Executive Housekeeper

Executive Housekeeper is head of Housekeeping Department. He is responsible for the smooth functioning of the department. He is responsible for the cleanliness of the whole hotel according to the standards. He supervises all the activities of the department employees. He aslo train the staff to improve their skills. He makes the staff schedule, offs, Leaves etc. He maintains lost and found department under his supervision.

• Supervise and be responsible for cleanliness, order and appearance of the hotel rooms and public areas, annexes, cottages, facilities, service corridors, linen and uniform rooms, shopping arcades and employees.

• Responsible for cleanliness, orderliness and appearance of the entire Hotel.

• Schedule, recruit, train, and recommend hiring, discharging and discipline of all department employees through management and in accordance with labor regulations.

• Ensure that rooms are made as per company standard.

• Prepare reports as required.

• Prepare Annual Housekeeping Budget.

• Participate in all department head meetings. Supervise preparation of maintenance requisitions and maintain follow-up file to ensure that all public areas and guest accommodations do not deteriorate from standard.

• Maintain par stock of guest supplies, cleaning supplies, linen and uniform.

• Train all employees to perform their best in the standard procedures as applicable to their job positions.

• Organize inventories with Accounts and General Store for linen, uniform and fixed assets.

• Develop and recommend standard procedures for new tasks or changed conditions.

• Pay particular attention while organizing pest eradication activities.

• Inspect personally, and supervise inspections by Assistants of all areas in a frequent and unvarying schedule.

• Develop and implement Housekeeping systems and procedures

• Pay particular attention on inspection to the presence, of odors and pests and appropriate control measures.

• Assist Purchase department in selecting suppliers for items related to Housekeeping.

• Work closely with the General Manager on day-to-day Housekeeping requirements.

• Attending and resolving guest complaints.

• Supervise linen stock and recommend the maintenance of adequate quantities of cleaning equipments and cleaning supplies with due regard to delivery requirements and import restrictions on cleaning equipments. Develop and supervise the maintenance of the lost and found procedure including the disbursement of unclaimed articles to employees.

• Daily inspection of public areas and employees locker rooms.

• Prepare the annual housekeeping budget for submission to the General Manager. Identify reliable suppliers of housekeeping materials including carpets, linen, etc, and recommend them to the Purchase Department. Develop Housekeeping Systems and Procedures and see that they are followed diligently. Plan, control and supervise horticultural requirements and commitments.

• Coordinating the preventive maintenance schedule of rooms and public area with maintenance department.

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