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Method Of Fresh Fish Selection

Hi friends, if you are going to purchase fish from fishmonger then this tips will definately help you. It is necessary to test the quality of the fish before purchasing. If you don’t test then anyone can deceive you by selling stale fish. Here are some useful tips to choose fresh fish in the market.

• The gills of the fish should be red.

• Fresh fish should be firm to the touch.

• It couldn’t under any circumstances. For it’s freshness, the fish should have pleasant smell, slightly salty smell.

• The eyes of fish should be clear, full shiny & not sunken.

• If the imprint remains after pressed by fingers then it is not fresh.

• The body should be rather heavy in relation to the length.

• Color of skin & shinyness shows it’s quality & freshness.

• Fish should be stored at 1°C.

• Raw flesh shouldn’t come away from the bones as it is a sign of fish deterioration.

• In white fish, the flesh should be really white, not faintly yellowish coloured.

• The tail and dorsal fins of the fish should be healthy-looking, wet, and intact. A fish that’s been mishandled will have torn or ragged fins, while an older fish’s fins will be dry and brittle.

• Fish that has lost its firm shape is no longer fresh.

• Don’t buy muscles if their shell don’t clase when tapped.

• Fresh fish smell of freshness and the sea, not fishy.

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