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Meaning Of Communication

The word “Communication” is derived from the latin word “Communis” which mean common. In it’s application, it means a common ground of understanding. It is a process of exchange of facts, ideas and opinions and as a means that individuals or organizations share meaning and understanding with one another. In other words, It is the transmission and interacting of facts, ideas, opinions, feelings or attitudes. Communication is an interdisciplinary concept because theoretically, it is approached from various disciplines such as Mathematics, Accounting, Psychology, Ecology, Linguistic, System Analysis, Etymology, Cybernetics, Auditing etc.

The term communication referred to us to make common facts, informations, thoughts and requirements. Communication therefore is the exchange of thoughts, message, information etc. By way of speech, signal or in writing.

Communication is a process involving the sorting, selecting and sending of symbols in such a way as to help the listener perceive and recreate in his own mind the meaning contained in the mind of the communicator. Communication involves the creation of meaning in the listener, the transfer of information and thousands of potential stimuli. Communication enables us to do important things, to grow, to learn to be aware of ourselves and to adjust to our environment.

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