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Top 30 Personal Grooming & Hygiene Tips While Working In Kitchen

1. Always wash your hands in the special wash hanf basins provided. Never in sinks ie. in washing up water or in sinks used to prepare food.

2. Develop a daily routine of essential personal hygiene habits.

3. Don’t comb your hair or put on make sip in the food or public areas.

4. Use hot water and disinfectant soap, lather hands, wrists and forearms.

5. Bath/shower every day. Change socks & under clothings every day.

6. Don spit, cough or sneeze openly in food or public areas. Use a tissue & wash your hands afterwards.

7. Do not pick your nose or teeth or scrath your head.

8. Use nail brush to clean under nails.

9. Brush teeth atleast twice a day. Preferable after every meal.

10. Don’t smoke in the work or public areas.

11. Rub hands together throughly, using a clean paper towel or hot air dryer.

12. Wash hair frequently, preferable daily. Keep hairs & beards neatly, trimmea, covered (ie. wear a hairnet/hat when handling food.)

13. Don’t use your apron or part of uniform to wipe your hands, as this will contaminate your hands.

14. Avoid touching anything that will contaminate your hands before reaching to cook. Cleaning cloths, Dirty dishes, cigarettes etc.

15. Keep fingernails hort & clean. Avoid using excessive amount of nails, makeup or perfume.

16. Don’t lean or sit on a working surfaces.

17. Wash your hands frequently to prevent the transfer of bacteria from your hands. Hands should be washed.

18. Keep uniform clean.Always use clean clothings.

19. Do not leave dutter behind you. clear up, wash & put away equipments & utensils.

20. Immediately wash your hands after using the toilet.

21. Tell your supervisor if you are suffering from cold, sure throat, boils, skin diarrhoea, upset stomach or spetic cut. Your supervisor will decide whether you be on duty or not.

22. Do not leave Rubbish & water material lying around. Put in covered refuse bin.

23. Immediately wash your hands after sneezing or blowing your nose.

24. Only hand washing will keep your hands clean.

25. Immediately wash your hands after handling equipment directly.

26. Immediately wash your hands after using the cleaning materials

27. Immediately wash your hands after handling raw food.

28. Immediately wash your hands after your break.

29. Immediately wash your hands after smoking.

30. Keep cuts & burns covered with a clean waterproof dressing.

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