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Aims & Objectives Of Cooking Food

1. Cooking increases palatability of food.

2. Cooking stimulates the digestive juices thereby creating an appetite.

3. Cooking help to provide a balanced meal.

4. Cooking sterilizes the food partially. Cooked food can be stored for a longer time and it provides food poisoning.

5. Cooking retains as far as possible, the nutritive and flavouring ingredients.

6. Cooking givea variety to the menu.

7. Cooking preserves the food for long time.

8. Cooking adds more nutritive value to food.

9. Cooking makes food more appetizing.

10. Cooking makes the food to appreciable texture.

11. Cooking helps to kill harmful bacteria. It makes the food safe to eat.

12. Cooking makes the food easy to chew.

13. Cooking transfers the raw materials to an edible form.

14. Cooking gives us the ability to prepare different types of prepared food with the same raw materials.

15. Cooking improves natural flavour and texture of food.

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