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Duties & Responsibilities Of Night Auditor

Basic Functions:

Prepares a summary of cash, check, and credit card activities, reflecting the hotel’s financial performance for the day. Posts room charges and room taxes to guest accounts including guest transactions not posted during the day by the front office cashier. Must be skilled record keeper since the job requires him to track room revenues, occupancy percentages, and other front office operating statistics and prepare, a summary of the financial performance for the day.

He is basically an employee of the accounts division. Has to verify all account postings and balances made during the day by front desk cashiers and agents. In some properties, he may also act as front desk agent during the night. Checks front office accounting records for accuracy and, on a daily basis, summarizes and compiles information for the hotel’s financial records. Tracks room revenue, occupancy percentages, and other front office operating statistics.

Duties And Responsibilities:

• Post room charges and taxes to guest accounts.
• To Verify that all charges posted from the POS Software, SPA software had reached the correct guest folios and also not missing.
• Process guest charge vouchers and credit card vouchers.
• Verifies that room rates are correct and posts those rates to guest accounts.
• Post guest charge purchase transactions not posted by the front office cashier.
• Prints up and files reservations for the next business day.
• Transfer charges and deposits to master accounts.
• Is able to function as a front desk agent especially in terms of check-in and check-out procedures.
• Verify all account postings and balances.
• Tracks room revenues, occupancy percentages, and other front office statistics.
• Monitor the current status of coupon, discount, and other promotional programmes.
• Prepare of End of day procedure.
• Track room revenues, occupancy percentages, and other front office statistics.
• Close out the systems for prior day’s business and open subsequent system date.
• Prepare a summary of cash, cheques, credit card activities and summary of results of operations for management.
• Conduct daily wake-up calls and maintain a log of all overnight requests made to the front office, ensuring efficient communication of all messages or requests to guests and employees.
• Understand principles of auditing, balancing and closing out accounts.
• Conduct check-ins and check-outs as required ensuring that all necessary information is correctly entered into the PMS & POS systems.
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