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Duties & Responsibilities Of Executive Chef/Chef De Cuisine/Head Chef

The executive chef is in charge of a restaurant’s kitchen, tasked with overseeing other kitchen workers. Although he is typically the most experienced chef in the restaurant, his duties often focus on administrative tasks rather than hands-on cooking. The best executive chefs may earn fame and even go on to own their own restaurant, but the tradeoff is long hours of hard work.

The position is responsible to oversee the entire kitchen operation including the alternative restaurants and the crew kitchen by initially monitoring all food preparation, presentation and delivery over the course of the day. He will be required to control the Pass during service times for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

The executive chef is in charge of everything related to the kitchen, including menu creation, staff and business management aspects. While the position requires extensive cooking experience and often involves actively cooking, the staff of benefit, it also involves a high level of management and business skills of the kitchen. They can also be referred to as the “chef” or “head chef”. Although “head chef” may seem redundant, the word “chef” has come to be applied to any cook, kitchen helper or fast food operator, making the distinction necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Plans menus for all food outlets in the Hotel.
• An executive chef is the commander of the kitchen he coordinates the kitchen staff and manages the preparation of meals.
• Schedules and coordinates the work of chefs, cooks and other kitchen employees to assure that food preparation is economical and technically correct and within budgeted labor cost goals.
• An executive chef’s duties include menu planning and management responsibilities. An executive chef plans menus, creates daily and weekly specials, creates special menu for functions, and determines portions sizes. Before and during meals, an executive chef oversees prep work and ensures that all meals leaving the kitchen are consistent in presentation and quality.
• Approves the requisition of products and other necessary food supplies.
• An executive chef must be active cost controlling and maintain of food cost.
• Ensures that high standards of sanitation, cleanliness and safety are maintained throughout all kitchen areas at all times.

• The executive chef will train and manage kitchen personnel and supervise/coordinate all related culinary activities.
• Establishes controls to minimize food and supply waste and theft.
• Plans the menu for the day
• Safeguards all food preparation employees by implementing training to increase their knowledge about safety, sanitation and accident prevention principles.
• Ensure that each department/section place an order for next day consumptions based on their par stock levels.
• Develops standard recipes and techniques for food preparation and presentation which help to assure consistently high quality and to minimize food costs; exercises portion control for all items served and assists in establishing menu selling prices.
• Ensure proper receiving, storage, and rotation of products to comply with the standards.
• Prepares necessary data for applicable parts of the budget; projects annual food, labor and other costs and monitors actual financial results; takes corrective action as necessary to help assure that financial goals are met.
• Minimize waste and maximize thorough usage of food through careful ordering, proper and well-organized storage, use of proven recipes, and creative use of leftover food. (Review “waste/spoilage log”)
• Attends food and beverage staff and management meetings.
• Oversee catering events and may also offer culinary instruction and/or demonstrate culinary techniques.
• Consults with the Food & Beverage Director about food production aspects of special events being planned.
• Review “Sensitive Inventory Item” sheet daily and take proper action for variance.
• Cooks or directly supervises the cooking of items that require skillful preparation.
• To hold weekly meeting with Sous-Chefs and Chefs to ensure smooth running of all kitchen department.
• Ensures proper staffing for maximum productivity and high standards of quality; controls food and payroll costs to achieve maximum profitability.
• Establish portion sizes, test new recipes and file recipes for all new menu items in the recipe books.
• Evaluates food products to assure that quality standards are consistently attained.
• Review “Current Inventory Report” with Warehouse manager and Sous-Chef and make a plan to use any excessive inventory items.
• Interacts with food and beverage management to assure that food production consistently exceeds the expectations of members and guests.
• Review “Par Stock Level” for each item and each department based on current operational situation.
• In conjunction with F&B management team, assist in maintaining a high level of service principles in accordance with established standards.
• Menu re-engineering at a minimum of one time a year through review of scatter data and trends.
• Evaluates products to assure that quality, price and related goods are consistently met.
• To be fully aware of trends in the industry and make suggestions for improvement of the catering operation.
• Develops policies and procedures to enhance and measure quality; continually updates written policies and procedures to reflect state-of-the-art techniques, equipment and terminology.
• Review Menu pricing at a minimum of one time a year.
• Establishes and maintains a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for all kitchen areas and equipment.
• Provides training and professional development opportunities for all kitchen staff.
• Ensures that representatives from the kitchen attend service lineups and meetings.
• Periodically visits dining area when it is open to welcome members.
• Support safe work habits and a safe working environment at all times. Perform other duties as directed.

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