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Duties & Responsibilities Of Switchboard Operator/Telephonist

Switchboard Operator:

They are heard by the guest but are rarely seen. They represent the hotel through their voice on the phone. They build a very significant image of the hotel to a prospective guest. The work has drastically changed due to the electronic age, but the basic voice assistance is always a warm welcome. Responsible for supporting businesses by operating switchboards and connecting callers to the appropriate person. May operate PBX, or private branch exchange switchboards, or voiceover Internet protocol switchboards.

Basic Function:

Receives and directs incoming and outgoing calls to individual guests, staff, or departments. The primary duties of a switchboard operator include answering telephone calls, which may consist of multiple lines and extensions. Switchboard operators answer calls using professional telephone etiquette. They transfer or direct calls to the party the caller requests or determine where the caller should be directed, based on information about the purpose of the call.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Answer incoming calls.

• Direct calls to guestrooms, staff, or departments through the switchboard or PBX system.

• Place outgoing calls.

• Receive telephone charges from the telephone company and forward charges to the front desk for posting.

• Provides information and assistance regarding telephone numbers and completes certain types of calls.

• Take and distribute messages for guests.

• Log all wake-up call requests and perform wake-up call services.

• Work at switchboards at a variety of businesses and handle outgoing, interoffice or incoming calls.

• Operate PBX or private branch exchange switchboards to facilitate connections.

• Take and relay messages.

• Announce when visitors arrive.Relay important information.

• Handle emergency calls.

• Assist customers in making telephone calls.

• Research and advise on rates.Assist callers with other questions.

• Provide information about guest services to guests.

• Answer questions about hotel events and activities.

• Provide paging services to hotel guests and employees.

• Know what action to take when an emergency call is requested or received.

• Be aware of all the emergency service nos. and systems relating to the same.

• Help callers make long-distance or local calls.

• Provide customers with area codes, telephone numbers and other information.

• Interrupt a busy line if there is an emergency.

• Place a person-to-person call.

• Monitor an automated system in which callers place collect calls.

• Operate telegraph equipment and satellite communications equipment.

• Perform receptionist functions as needed. Handle all directory assistance queries.

• Maintains a register of room bookings, allocates rooms on request and completes any required forms.

• Receives messages by fax, informs intended recipients or sends messages by internal mail.

Skills & Qualities:

To be a telephonist or switchboard operator you should have:

• Good hearing and a clear telephone voice.

• A confident and polite telephone manner the ability to work quickly and accurately under pressure.

• A good standard of spoken and written English basic computer and keyboard skills excellent customer care skills.

• The ability to deal with difficult calls in a calm and professional manner an awareness of confidentiality issues good time-keeping and reliability.

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