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Duties & Responsibilities Of Front Desk Cashier/Auditor

Basic Function:

Guest accounting tasks require efficiency and accuracy. The tasks of the front office cashier center on the guest accounting cycle. The front office cashiers post revenue center charges to guest accounts. The hotel’s revenue centers communicate information on charge purchases to the front desk. Cashiers then post these charges to guest accounts to ensure that the charges will be settled at checkout. Where computerised systems are installed, the Point of Sale operations are directly posted to the Guest Ledger whenever the guest utilises a particular service.

The cashiers also receive payment from guests at checkout. They coordinate the billing of credit card and direct-billed guest accounts with the accounting division. The cashier at the close of each shift balances all guest accounts. They also manage safe-deposit boxes / lockers, variety of banking services including foreign exchange.

Duties And Responsibilities:

• Operate front office posting equipment/system.

• Assists Front desk staff on check in as an when required.

• Obtain the house bank and keep it balanced.

• Balances cash at the close of the shift.

• Complete cashier pre-shift supply checklist.

• Disperses guest record upon check-out.

• Take departmental readings at the beginning of the shift.

• Posts non-guest ledger payments.

• Complete guest check-in and checkout procedures.

• Handles cash, traveller’s cheque, credit cards and direct billing requests properly.

• Post charges to guest accounts.

• Settles guest accounts.

• Handle Paid-outs (VPO).

• Cashes checks for guests following the approval policy.

• Transfer guest balances to other accounts as required.

• May also perform a variety of banking services for guests, Such as check cashing and foreign currency exchange.

• Settle guest accounts in cash, credit card, Company account by transferring balances to the respective ledgers.

• Give on the Job training for new staffs.

• Post non-guest ledger payments.

• Check the billing instructions are correct for all expected departure guesta sns setup required auto routing or auto transfer on the PMS / Guest folio.

• Make account adjustments.

• Check and follow up on all bills on hold.

• Balance departmental totals and cash at close of shift.

• Maintains a track of all high balance guests.

• Manage safe deposit box/ locker.

• Attends meetings as required.

• Assists with distribution of month end reports as directed by accounts or front office manager.

• Clarifies customers question or concerns about the charges on their bills.

• Operates front office posting software.

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