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Difference Between A-La-Carte And Table D'Hote

A La Carte:

A Menu With All The Dishes Individually Priced. The Customers Can Completed Their Own Menu. Which May Be One, Two Or More Courses. A La Carte Dish Should Be Cooked To Order & Customer Should Be Prepared To Wait.

1. Food Items Are Individually Served And Guests Pay For What They Order.
2. There Is A Vast Choice. The Menu Is Elaborate.
3. Silver Is Laid According To The Dishes Ordered.
4. It Has Multiple Courses
5. It Is More Expensive If Similar Meal Is Chosen.
6. It Is Difficult To Prepare Because Cooked In Instalments.
7. It Is Cooked Almost Fresh.
8. It Is Cooked In Small Quantities.
9. It Suited For Everybody.
10. It Requires More Arrangements And Take Long Time To Serve.
11. It Is Meant For EP And FIT’s.
12. Silver Service Is Ideal.
13. More Servicewares Are Required To Serve Various Items.
14. Small Pots And Pans Are Required.
15. Trained Service Staff Is Required For Order Taking And Service.
16. The Menu Is Expensive And Long Lasting Material Is Used.
17. Being Elaborate The Menu Cannot Be Orally Narrated.
18. Flowery, Complicated Language Is Used Which Requires Written Discription Below The Dishes.
19. It Means In The Style Of The Card, For Those Who Have Their Own Ways.
20. Food Is Kept In Semi-Prepared Form And Takes Time To Serve.
21. The Diahes Are Priced Individually.
22. Personal Choice And Preference Can Be Incorporated As Food Is Cooked In Order.

Table D’Hote:

A Menu Forming A Meal Usually Of 2 Or 3 Courses. And A Set Price A Choice Of Dishes May Be Offered At All Counters Courses.

1. Menu Is Collectively Priced And The Customer Has To Pay For The Full Menu. Whether He Consumes A Certain Dish Or Not.
2. There Is Limited Or No Choice. The Menu Is Comparatively Small.
3. Silver For The Whole Menu Is Laid In Advance As The Menu Is Known In Advance.
4. It Has Only 3 Or 4 Courses.
5. It Is Economical As A Complete Meal.
6. It Is Easy To Prepare.
7. It Is Cooked In Advance.
8. It Is Cooked In Bulk Quantity.
9. It Is Suitable For Groups, Educational Institutions, Hospitals etc.
10. It Can Be Served Quickly And Easily.
11. It Is Meant For Package Deal (A.P. Or M.A.P.) Customers.
12. American Service Is Ideal.
13. Limited Serviceware Needed.
14. Large Posts And Pans Are Required For Cooking.
15. Less Skill Is Required For Taking Order And Service.
16. The Menu Is Simple, Ordinary Quality Stationary Is Used.
17. The Menu Can Be Orally Narrated.
18. Simple Language Is Used.
19. It Means Table Of The “HOST” Whatever Available In Limited Situation.
20. Food Is Kept In Fully Prepared Form And Can Be Served Immediately.
21. The Menu Is Priced As A Whole.
22. No Personal Attention Or Fads Can Be Accepted.
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