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Soft And Spongy South Indian Idli Recipe

Making Soft & Spongy Idli Is an Art. Idli-Sambar-Chutney Is a Tradditional Breakfast Of Every South Indian Household. Idli Is Also Known As Steam Lentil Rice Cake In English. Idli-Sambar Is a Famous Breakfast Dish Often Available All Over India And Abroad Too In Indian Breakfast. In The Idli Batter Fermentation Is Carried Out By Bacteria With The Formation Of Lactic Acid And Carbon Dioxide. When Batter Of Idli Rises, Idlies Will Become Soft. Steamed Idli Is a Delicious And Highly Nutritious Food.

● Ingredients:

• Idli Semolina 3 Cups

• Urad Dal 1 Cup

• Salt To Taste

• Cooking Soda A Pinch

• Oil For Greasing

● Methud

• Pick Wash & Soak The Dal For 8 Hours In The Morning. Wash & Soak The Semolina In To Another Vessel.

• After 8 Hours Grind The Dal In To a Smooth Paste With Cold Water.

• Remove All The Water From Semolina ie. Squeeze It. Then Add Urad Dal Paste To It. Add Pinch Of Baking Soda. Mix It Well & Set Aside In a Warm Place For 10 Hours Over Night For Formentation.

• Idlis Are Ready To Cook When The Batter Is Well Fermented. Check That The Batter Is Rised In The Vessel Almost Upto Double Volume. Now Add Salt To Taste. Mix It Well.

• Put Some Water In an Idli Vessel And Put It On Medium Flame.

• Grease The Idli Holder With Little Bit Of Oil And Fill Each Of Therm With 3|4 th Full Of Batter.

• Put It Inside The Idli Vessel. Steam Cook Idli On a Medium Flame For About 15 Minutes Or Until Done.

• Use a Knife To Remove The Idlis When It Becomes Cool.

• Serve Them With a Sambar & Chutney.

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