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Types Of Rooms Available In The Hotels For Accommodation

The guest room is product which the hotel is selling. 50% revenue of the hotel is depends up on room sale i.e. accommodation services. Knowledge of the product is most essential and considered as a marketing tool in the hospitality industry. Front Office staff must have good knowledge of the product i.e. rooms they are trying to sell with the status of availability. Front office staff, lobby staff, bell desk staff, housekeeping staff, sales and marketing staff should know the various types of rooms and their location, features whether extra beds and facilities such as Television, Air Conditioner, Telephone, Internet etc are provided with the room or not. They also must know the room rates, tarrif structure, meal plans so that they can explain to the guests.

Depending on the need of guests suitable rooms are provided in different properties. The variation may be influenced by the types of property, location, nature of guest profile & company policy. There are basic four types of room which can be provided in all the properties and other may not be available in all the properties.

● Single Room:

A room suitable for a single person provided with a single bed. If one person occupying the room refer to us “Occupied” & not a single occupying means two persons occupying is known as “Occupied+Extra Bed/Extra Person”. This room is provided with single standard bed for sleeping accommodation of one person. The room is furnishing and fixtures as well as amenities and facility standards would depends up on the standard of the hotel.

● Double Room:

A room suitable for two persons typically couple. It is provided with double king size bed facility which provides sleeping comforts for two persons preferably married couple or honeymoon travellers. If one person is occupying this room is refer to us “Single Occupancy”. Two persons occupying the room is refer to us “Double Occupancy”. If more than two persons occupying the roon is refer to us “Double Occupancy + Extra Bed/Extra Person”.

● Twin Room/Twin Beded Room:

Twin beded room is a room with two identical beds separated by a small bed side table or teapoy. This room is suitable for two persons & who may be friends or group members on sharing basis or a single person who wants a room on single occupancy. Occupying term is referred us as “Double” if two persons are occupying room.

● Interconnected Rooms:

Interconnected rooms are those rooms which are connected to each other by means of a wall and common door in the common wall to go form one room to another. They can be used for a family by opening the connecting door as well as can be given to two separate individual persons by closing the common door.

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● Suite Room:

The term “Suite” refers to a set of two rooms out of which one is bed room and other is sitting room or living room. For going from one room to another, the use of corridor is not required. It is a high priced expensive set of rooms with decor. A sitting or a parlour & bed room is must for suite room. Properties have a trend to naming the suite based on the themes use or deplored to make this suit.

● Junior Suite Room:

It is large room with a partition separating the bedroom furnished from sitting area. It suitable for two persons. This room is larger than normal room and smaller than suite room.

● Duplex Room:

This type of room has two rooms located on successive floors connected to each other with a common staircase. Generally, the sitting room or living room is situated at lower floor while the bedroom is on the next floor. This room has extraordinary facilities in most properties one of the high priced product. This is one of the costly accommodation.

● Studio Room:

Studio rooms are also called multi-utility rooms. They have utility furniture such as sofa-cum-bed, sofa-convertible-bed, closet bed or roll-away-beds. This is a small setup for peoples who be using the room preferredle for the day. It is provided with a sofa-cum-bed which can be converted easily to a sitting or a bed arrangement as required.

● Penthouse Suite Room:-

It is a very luxurious suit of the hotel standard on the terrace of the building which is most expensive property of the hotel with a private terrace. Terrence may have a small swimming pool or open area with a flower beds or lawn. The side opening towards the terrace ia not walled but the sliding full glass doors are provided. Some terrace of the penthouse may be with glass roof on the terrace which is protective. It is mostly hired by top executives of companies, businessman, famous writers, film personalities and sometime retired people who want peaceful life. These are away from the hustle and bustle of the hotel.

● Cabana Room:

Cabana are rooms situated near the swimming pool of the hotel or beach. This roon has a backdoor access to a swimming pool or beach. These roomms have 24 hours supply of hot and cold water and a hard bed. Some hotels have beautiful cabana which are decorated with bamboo.

● Lanai Room:

This term generally used by hotel situated on hill stations for those rooms that have a view of waterfall or some water body or a garden from the balcony of the room. The concept of Lanai Porch originated in Hawaii. This room has covered with outdoor living space similar to a porch, patio or balcony that is attached to a house.

● Efficiency Room:

It is a sort of complete self-sufficient unit in itself. It contains a bedroom, living room, dining room, a small kitchen and bedroom. The many hotels provide additional properties, facilities, immunities in the room of the glossary stores on the premises. This type of room has a typical home residential properties.

● Twin Hollywood Room:

It is a room with two single beds joined together and with a common head board.


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