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Cuts Of Chicken And Selection

Chicken is one of the most used meat in the world because of it’s low cost. All parts of the chicken can be used to prepare food. Chicken tends to be lower in saturated fats than other meats . The fats can be further lowered by removing the skin of chicken. Chicken is also a staple of fast food restaurants. Chicken gives varieties of dishes & eggs are also giving variety dishes. Chicken has very good nutritious value as it contains protein. 100 gms of chicken gives 27gm protein. Which is very higher amount than other meats.

● Neck:

It is a little tougher part of the chicken which does not contains much meat. Sold as neck.

● Breast:

The entire breast portion of the chicken. It is available bonein, boneless, skin on and skinless. Consists of white meat only.

● Tenderloin:

The muscle of the breast which runs along both sides of the breastbone, located on the upper portion of the breast. Consists of white meat only.

● Wing:

The whole chicken wing is an all white meat protein composed of three sections, the wing tip, the wingette, and the drummettes. Drummette contains most of the meat and directly connected to the body of the bird. Wingette doesn’t contains much meat. Wing tip is the outermost part of wing and it can be used for making stocks as it doesn’t contains much meat.

● Leg:

The leg of the chicken consists of two parts, which are the thigh and the drumstic k. Consist of dark meat only

● Drumstick:

The bottom portion of the leg below the knee joint. Consists of all dark meat. This is a cheaper cut of chicken. There are varieties of dishes can be prepared with drumstick.

● Thigh:

The top portion of the leg above the knee joint that is connected to the body of the chicken. Consists of all dark meat.

● Selection Of Good Quality Chicken:

1. The eyes should be prominent and clear.

2. Soft fluffy feathers should be all over the body, especially concentrated under the wings.

3. It should not have a marked unpleasant smell.

4. Conformation Or Shape of bird is important and bird should be free from deformity.

5. Skin should be clean and smooth with no bluish tinge spots.

6. Combs and wattle (Skin hanging near the beak) small and well developed. The comb should be bright red.

7. The feathers should be easy to pull out.

8. The feet should be supple with smooth overlapping scales, and if fresh, moist.

9. It should have plump breasts and skin should be white and unbroken.

10. It should have pliable breast bone and dry to the touch.

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