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Tasty Kadai Chicken Recipe

• Ingredients:

• 1.5kg Chicken

• 3 Onions

• 2 Garlic

• Oil

• 1 Small Ginger

• Coriander Seed Powder

• 3 Tomato

• Turmeric Powder

• Black Cumin

• 2 Cloves

• Bay leafs

• Black Cardamom

• Green Cardamom Powder

• Salt

• 250gm Curd

• Cayenne Paper Power

• Procedure:

First heat oil in a pan. Now add Garam Maasala like Black Cumin, Black Cardmom, Green Cardmom Powder, Bay Leafs & Cloves. Now add finely chopped onion. Fry onion until it becomes faint red. Add chicken pieces then add turmeric powder with salt to taste. Make paste of 3 onions, ginger & 2 garlic paste and add it. Now add Cayenne Paper Power & Coriander Seed Powder. Now stirr it to mix well then add tomato & curd with some water. Cook it well until it become thick. Serve tasty Kadhai Chicken with onion-curd salad.

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