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Tasty Chicken Dum Biryani Recipe

Chicken Dum Biryani is a very popular Indian dish. When you make Biryani, Your home will be smelling. Ramzan Mubarak to all my readers. Yesterday I was cooked Dum Biryani at home in the Iftaar. It has the real & unique taste that I can’t describe in the words. I am sharing my family recipe with you. I have lots of Biryani Recipes but I like my home’s recipe more. So let’s start..:-)

● Ingredients:

● For Rice

• 3 Kg Baasmati Rice

• Black Pepper 5 gram

• Black Cumin 1/2tsp

• Bay Leaf 4/5

• Salt 2tsp (As Per Taste)

● For Marinade

• Chicken 3 Kg (Big Pieces)

• Tomato 2 Kg

• Ginger 250 gram

• Garlic 250 gram

• Malai Curd 1 Kg

• Coriander Leaves 1 bunch

• Green Chillies 10-12

• Lemon Juice 4 tsp

• Coriander Seeds Powder 250 gram

• Turmeric Powder 1 tsp

• Red Chilli Powder 5 tsp

• Salt 2 tsp (As Per Taste)

• Cumin Powder 20 gram

● For Garam Masala Powder

• Mace 10 gram

• Black Pepper 10 gram

• Cinnamon 10 gram

• Black Cumin 10 gram

• Black Cardamom 10 gram

● Other Ingredients

• Onion 2.5 Kg

• Cooking Oil 500 gram

• Ghee 5 tsp

• Cashews 100 gram

● Directions

• Make green paste of Coriander leaves, Ginger-Garlic & Green Chillies. Keep it aside.

• Make Garam Masala Powder using the ingredients mentioned above.

• Finely chop Tomatoes & chop Onions in medium size.

• Wash the Chicken properly & take it in a big bowl. Add Malai Curd, Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Salt & Cumin Powder. Mix it well & add 1-2 tsp Garam Masala Powder, Coriander Seeds Powder & Lemon Juice. Mix it well & keep it aside up to 1 hour for marinating process.

• Wash & soak the Baasmati Rice. Take lots of water with Salt, Black Pepper, Black Cumin, Bay Leafs in a big pot to boil. When water starts boiling add drained rice to it. Cook it for 7 to 10 minutes until rice is cooked 80%. When you taste it, It should have a bite.

• Heat Ghee in a pan & saute Cashews until it become light golden.

• Heat oil in a big pot & fry Onions until it become light brown. Add marinated ingredients & fry it for few minutes. Now add rice to it & make layer of it. Add friend cashews to it.

• Cover the pot with foil & place a plate over it. Cook it for 1 hour until it starts smelling. Seal the pot carefully. You can also place some weight on the plate so steam doesn’t come out from the pot.

• Mix it well before serving. Serve it with Tomato-Onion Salad.

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