Perfect Crispy French Fries Recipe

French Fries is one of the my favorite whenever I go to McDonald’s.

I love French Fries very much so I have decided to make it at home. I am sharing this recipe for French Fries lovers.


• 5 Pound Russet Potatoes

• Peanut Oil

• Sea Salt

• Cold Water

• Kitchen Tissues/Paper Towels

• Tomato Sauce


1. Peel the potatoes and make long rectangular pieces with the help of French Fries Cutter. You can also chop the pieces manually. Wash the pieces in a bowl two or three times to get rid of starch. Now add fresh cold water to bowl and kept it in fridge for two or three hours.

2. After this dry the fries laying on paper towel/Kitchen Tissue. Paper Towel absorbs all the excess moisture from potatoes.

3. Heat the oil in a pot with medium hotness. Fry the potato pieces in batches. Fry the pieces until they cooked well from inside.

4. Drain the fries on paper towels and let them cool down.

5. Now heat the oil again with some more hotness & fry the pieces until they become crispy and light brown from outside.

6. Drain fries on Paper Towels/Kitchen Tissues and remove excess oil from it. Sprinkle the fries with sea salt or Paprika or Dry Rosemary.

7. Your Crispy & Yummy French Fries is ready. Serve it with Tomato sauce.

Don’t forget to comment if you like the Recipe…:-)

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