Introduction To Housekeeping Department In Hotel Industry

      Housekeeping department is a backbone of the hotel. It is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance, aesthetic upkeep of the hotel. The housekeeping  department plays  an  important role in keeping a clean, comfortable and safe hotel. The housekeeping  department takes pride in keeping hotel clean and comfortable so as to create a “Home  Away From Home”. The  housekeeping  department is responsible for cleanliness of rooms,  floors, public areas, & the whole hotel. Cleanliness of the rooms is most important thing because one can live in clean & safe environment. Sale of rooms contributes  50%  revenue to the hotel. The housekeeping department takes care of rooms & performs important role for impression of the hotel in front of guest. The housekeeping  department  makes the rooms clean & comfortable for guest.

     Housekeeping  may be defined as “Provision of  clean, comfortable, safe  and aesthetically appealing environment”. Or “Housekeeping is an  operational department in a hotel, which is  responsible for cleanliness, maintenance, aesthetic upkeep of rooms,  public  areas, back areas  and the surroundings”. The effort that a housekeeping  department makes in  giving a guest desirable room has a direct bearing  on the guest‘s experience in a hotel. Guestrooms  are the heart of hotel. Unless it’s decor is appropriate, the air odor free, and furnishings and upholstery spotlessly clean, in the hotel may lose the guest as a potential repeat customer. The housekeeping department  not only prepares clean guestrooms on a  timely basis for arriving guests, but also cleans and maintains everything in the hotel so that the property is as fresh and  attractive as the day it opened for business. It is rightly said that housekeeping  is a  24*7*365 operation.  Imagine  the stacks of linen needed to  make up all the beds in a hotel; the huge  amount of  bath soap, tissue and other amenities  such as shampoos, colognes  and so on that must be placed  in the  guestrooms. The  miles of carpeting, floors, walls, and  ceilings to be cleaned and  maintained, the countless pieces of furniture that must be dusted and polished, and the barrels of cleaning compounds along with special tools and equipment needed in order to clean these like dry mop, wet mop, wiper & so on.
       On arrival the guest enters the hall  and gets an impression of the establishment from what can be seen, mainly from the appearance that it presents. From the reception desk the  guest goes  to the lift, staircase or corridor to reach the allocated room, possibly passing the lounge and other public areas. On reaching the room, the  guest probably has time to explore the surrounding more closely. He or she takes a closer look at the decor, the  furnishing and the furniture, especially the bed & cleanliness and comfort of the  surroundings.  By this time guest is  better able to judge the standard of the  establishment and it decides whether it is likely to meet the requirements and to provide satisfaction. In a hotel accommodation operation earns most money and satisfaction of the guest.
       Housekeeping is an important and integral part of the guest experience and  satisfaction. The impact of the housekeeping function on the success  of a hotel’s operations cannot be underestimated, since large revenue for  hotel industry is generated  mainly from the sale of rooms. The housekeeping  is  the department of a hotel charged with cleaning and maintaining rooms and public spaces. From the time a guest checks-in in a hotel till  he checks out,  it is the housekeeping department which takes care of the guest by making  his/her stay pleasant and comfortable.  In  general, the housekeeping crew is responsible for the daily cleaning of public rooms (lobbies, corridors,  meeting rooms), private bedrooms and  public washrooms. In addition, it handles the laundering of linens  and  in some  instances, guest  laundry. Housekeeping  also performs a  minor security function by providing a “first alert” to potential guest problems  while staff undertake daily guest bedroom cleaning.

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