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Introduction To The Hotel Industry

Hotel is transient home away from home. Hotel indusry is a hospitality industry. Of course hospitality is not free, but is paid for, where the payment depends on the comfort amd services provided for. Payment also depends up on the fancy and economic affordability of the customer. The hospitality industry is nowadays a global industry. and is considered as an important employer in countries worldwide. It now has attained much higher status in society and demands high standard of work ethics and efficiency from it’s employees. Employment opportunities are many in the all departments and now sought by a vast majority of people.

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As per the Hotel Proprietors Act 1996, a hotel is an “Establishment held out by the proprietor as offering food, drink and so required, sleeping accommodation, without special contract to any traveller presenting himself who appears able & willing to pay a reasonable sum for the services and facilities provided and who is in a fit state to be received.” Establishments such as Hospitals, Hotels, Apartments and Prisons, although provide accommodation to people yet do not come under the hotels.

Common law states that a”Hotel is a place where all who conduct themselves properly and who being able to pay for their entertainment, are received, if there be accommodation for them, and who without any stipulated engagement as to the duration of their stay or as to the rate of compensation, are while there, supplied at a reasonable cost with their meals, lodging and other services and attention as are necessarily incident to the use of a temporary home.”

Hospitality is defined as “The friendly reception and treatment of strangers.” For most people, hospitality means entertaining guests with courtesy and warmth. Hospitality is also an industry made up of business taht provide lodging, food and other services to travellers. The main component of this industry are hotels, motels, Inns, resorts and restaurants. In a broad sense, the hospitality industry might refer to any group engaged in tourism, entertainment, transportation or lodging including Cruise Lines, Airlines, Railways, Car, rental companies and tour operators. However, the two main segments of the hospitality industry are lodging industry (also known as hotel industry), food and beverage industry (also called as restaurant industry)

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