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Introduction To Hospitality Industry

Hotel industry is a part of travel & tourism industry. It is now profit making business; though, the quantum of profit varies from one type of establishment to nother. Commercial hotels are profit-making establishments. While canteens, cafeterias and religious catering outlets such as langars and bhandars which are also operated with an adequate rate of return (ROI) may not have a high quantum of profit but enough financial return for substance and expansion. They meet the social & religious need of the society as well. Today, yoou find even these so-called religious placces need to be air conditioned and the dining areas having the latest service equipment for the consumers.

In different parts of the world, traditional style hospitality provided. The services provided are linked with the culture & customs of the host place. This, in turn, gives birth to exchange of commodities against money. This has given a boost to load and international development for trade resulting in exchange of currencies.

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The past, present and future of the hospitality indusrty are interlinked. The luxury and comforts, which were once considered the exclusive privilege of only the wealthy, is today the need of a common traveller with the rise of industry and democracy. With globalization, hospitality today now has become availabile to common travellers also. The hospitality has both influenced and is being influenced by culture, social and economic changes in the society. The Hospitality business tends to satisfy human needs and also plays an important role in the satisfaction of social needs such as belongingness, esteem and status. Hospitality and hotels are closely interrelated.

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