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• Records are available showing that Philip Stanhope (1778), A traveller stayed in a luxurious and excellent traven in Bombay. David prince who visited India, stayed at Mac tarlanes Hotel.

• A dinner to commemorate the capture of shrirangpatanam was served at Maclean's Hotel in 1800 in Bombay. The same remained a resort for many years of sams Souci Club, Which entertained Duke of Wellington, Lord Nelson and Sir Arthur Wellseley.

• Palanjee Peatonjee (1840) started the first luxurious hotel in Bombay. It was famous for it's excellent cuisine, beers and wines and it's excellent management later, be opened another hotel at Fort in Bombay.

• Auckland Hotel, founded in 1843 in Calcutta, was renamed as Great Eastern Hotel in 1858.

• Esplanade Hotel (1871) having 130 Rooms was built in Calcutta by John Wakson (A Britisher), a silk drapery merchant (probably an architect and builder).

• Dak bangalows were made during British period for official tourists for various purposes.

• Later, some Swiss and other families also owned hotels in India. One such example was Hotel Fonseca in New Delhi which was later demolished and Hotel Taj Mahal at Mansingh road was built there.

• J.R.D. Tata built the Taj Maahal Hotel in Bombay in 1903. It was the first hotrl of international standards and repute, Built by Indians for Indians.

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